Driven by passion and a shared goal, a group of powerful women successfully brought the Sustainable Christmas Market dream to life.

All of them are accomplished business women or professionals who wear many hats — and all are mothers. These 8 women empathise with the challenges faced by our children-in-need and have a common vision to give every child a chance despite their circumstance or background. Through leading by example, they hope help their own little ones see the importance of supporting others in need.

Peace of Art is grateful to each and everyone of our beautiful volunteers on the Team. With you all, the Sustainable Christmas Market has become the beacon of hope for spreading the Culture of Compassion and Sustainability that it is today.


    As the founder and driving force behind Peace of Art, Eunice harnesses the transformative power of art to make a profound impact on the lives of children in need through groundbreaking events and extraordinary art auctions. She has built the foundation of Peace of Art on four pillars: Children in Need, Community Engagement, Corporate Involvement, and Sustainability. Her persistent advocacy showcases her steadfast dedication to fostering a society where every child is given a chance to achieve his or her fullest potential regardless of circumstance and background.


    Race Wong, the Co-founder of Ohmyhome, has made history as the first female founder of a prop-tech company listed in the US on Nasdaq. Her remarkable journey is fuelled by a deep passion for empowering homeowners to make informed decisions and take control of their property journeys. Beyond her dedication to revolutionizing the real estate industry, Race is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of the disadvantaged, with a particular focus on children and families. Her tireless efforts reflect her unwavering commitment to creating a more equitable and inclusive society.


    Jasmine is the co-founder of Lab Studios, a popular home-grown lifestyle fitness brand with six branches strategically located across Singapore. Combining her deep-rooted passion for sustainability and mental well-being, Jasmine is pivotal in driving Lab Studios' business development and marketing strategy. As a staunch advocate for mental health, she believes in extending the boundaries of sustainability beyond our physical space. Join her in embracing a powerful campaign that advocates for a sustainable and balanced future, benefiting both our planet and our minds.


    Sabrina, co-founder of HuntStreet, is a Marketing Strategist by profession, an Entrepreneur by choice, and a Conscious Luxury Consumer by passion. Sabrina is co-founder of HuntStreet - a leading regional luxury resale marketplace which she launched in 2015 after discovering a gap in the Indonesia market for a digital marketplace for authentic preloved luxury goods. Raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, Sabrina spent her formative years in Singapore before studying in Indonesia and in Switzerland where she studied hospitality management. Currently, she manages HuntStreet’s overall marketing strategies.


    Tresor is a well-networked, highly motivated and experienced regional marketing, corporate communications & PR specialist with over 17 years of leadership experience in the financial services industry. In 2018, she proudly added 'budding entrepreneur' to her resume with the launch of The Treasure Collective - Singapore's first circular economy luxury fashion rental platform. She is now Managing Partner - Singapore and Chief Operating Officer of HuntStreet - a leading and award-winning luxury fashion resale marketplace that truly believes in the ethos of conscious luxury consumption.


    Tann Ling, a lawyer turned entrepreneur, founded a pioneering luxury bridal boutique and now leads Baby Central South East Asia, an e-commerce platform for international childcare brands. Her mission is simple yet profound: to empower parents and enrich the lives of their little ones. She champions early education and supports initiatives for equitable access. Tann Ling's commitment extends to sustainable consumption practices, driven by a profound understanding of our global impact. Her life's mission fuses legal expertise, sustainable stewardship, and a deep dedication to children's well-being.


    Keng Lian is the co-founder of a corporate advisory firm and a financial services professional with over 20 years of global banking experience. Driven by her commitment to social causes in Singapore, Keng Lian takes interest in education for all and promotes greater diversity in workplaces. She advocates that every individual can make conscious choices to combat climate change. Through her support for Peace of Art's Sustainable Christmas Market, she aims to raise awareness and funds for the Singapore Red Cross' Young Hearts programme, helping children in need overcome daily challenges.


    Leanne is a highly skilled and driven specialist in brand communications and marketing, with over a decade of invaluable experience spanning both the public and private sectors. Motivated by her passion for making a difference, she volunteers her expertise for the market, aligning with two causes that hold a special place in her heart - supporting the underprivileged and promoting environmentally conscious practices. Through collaborative efforts with the team and corporate partners, Leanne strives to create a world where social empowerment and environmental awareness go hand in hand.